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Thread: Uh-Oh Jongo, DESPP issues opinion that reg req may be hazardous to your health

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    Uh-Oh Jongo, DESPP issues opinion that reg req may be hazardous to your health

    In APR I filed a FOI request from several agencies (DESPP, Capitol Police, several local towns) asking the for records in respect to the items listed in PA13-3 that we now will be required to register.

    Both the Executive Director of the Office of Legislative Management (OLM) and the Commissioner of DESPP have issued letters saying that disclosing the arms and items now required for us to disclose creates a safety risk to the disclosing party.

    OLM answers these safety review requests for the Capitol Police and DESPP answers for towns. DAS responds to the safety review regarding DESPP records (I am still awaiting a response from DAS). DESPP just issued a letter this week regarding a request of a town and DAS issued a statement weeks ago regarding the Capitol Police.

    So how can ANY registration or providing information to the state (DPS forms for example when you purchase a gun) not be an infringement on our rights to keep and bear arms?

    A safety risk can be equated to a risk of being killed.

    Seems like they want to know all about our guns but is not willing to share information regarding their arms.

    What do you think?

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