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Thread: Come & Take It Rally...

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    Come & Take It Rally...

    I saw this post on facebook. It was a come and take it rally in Temple, Tx. We need to start one here in middle TN. The average citizen in Tn doesn't know you can legally carry a gun. I think an open carry rally to get their attention and to let them know that lawful licensed gun owners/permit holders are not dangerous people. I'm not sure what the law is about open carrying a rifle in TN. The more people know & understand that open carry is legal in Tn the better off we will be.

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    If carry of a rifle was a topic we were allowed to discuss within the scope of this forum's rules, I'd tell you that carry of a rifle is illegal in Tennessee. I might even be right.
    However, it's not a topic that we can discuss.
    On the intended topic of the OP, I'd absolutely LOVE to have a rally. We need it direly.

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