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Thread: Hello from Raville

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    Hello from Raville

    Good evening, my name is Vic. I'm happy to be here. I know very few other members in the forum and am a strong supporter of our second amendment rights. I of course am an overall believer in the authentic origin of the constitution and particular our bill of rights. My belief is that our 2nd is the final frontier that will send the country into decline if lost. I will be happy to assist in anything I can to help support the cause of restoring the country to the true Republic our forefathers intended it to be. I am the Vice President of a newly formed group called the Louisiana Open Carry Advocates. Our group attempts to inform the public on their rights to open carry their sidearm for protection and as an aide in opening conversation regarding our second amendment rights. I understand that Open Carry is not for everyone and not always appropriate and include statements to that effect whenever discussing OC with anyone. If anyone wishes to know more feel free to ask me.

    Vic Caban
    Vice President, Louisiana Open Carry Advocates

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    Welcome to OCDO.
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