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Thread: Gun Control Works!

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    Gun Control Works!

    A 15 year old girl (my daughter) shows how effective gun control is at our 4-H Shooting Sports County Shooting Competition.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Very nice, congrats to her

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    Re: Gun Control Works!

    9 out of 10 in the black. I'd say the Brady campaign wants her to go to their re-education camps...err..summer youth seminar's.

    Good shooting for a young'n, hell, good for most folks today.
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    Below is sarcasm

    How could you corrupt a 15 yr old that way?

    She might actually grow up to believe in freedom and self defence. (shudders in horror)
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    Quote Originally Posted by ron73440 View Post
    How could you corrupt a 15 yr old that way?

    She might actually grow up to believe in freedom and self defence. (shudders in horror)
    I think she might have be corrupted a couple years earlier.

    But then I find young ladies who like to shoot tend to become fine shots fast.
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