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Thread: 3Qs: The evolution of whistleblowing. From Ellsberg to Manning to Snowden.

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    3Qs: The evolution of whistleblowing. From Ellsberg to Manning to Snowden.

    "The leak of classified government documents last week revealed the existence of a massive National Security Administration program of bulk surveillance in which telecommunication and Internet companies are providing the government with broad access to private user information. We asked Stephen Burgard, chair of Northeastern’s School of Journalism in the College of Arts, Media, and Design, to examine the leak by Edward Snowden, a tech specialist who was contracted by the NSA, and the practice’s place in the journalism landscape."
    Both Manning and Snowden were relatively low-ranking figures who, thanks to digital, online records, were able to access a lot more information than has ever been possible. The Internet is changing how information becomes available—you no longer need to have Daniel Ellsberg photocopy thousands of documents by hand in the way we did with the Pentagon Papers leak. We’re in an era where information is much more accessible and far easier to share.
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    I have to now give credence to conspiracy theorists. I would imagine they are walking around with big grins, saying "Told ya so!".
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