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Thread: Another open carry adversary

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    Another open carry adversary

    I'll be the first to say that outside of my job (I'm an armed security guard) I only carry concealed. But you'll never see me demonizing open carry or those who choose to do it. Just because I've decided that concealed carry is what is best for me doesn't mean that it must be what is best for everyone else all the time.

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    [David Reeder voice]I teach classes that folks need to get their CCW, so I'm opposed to OC, but I'll list at least a dozen other reasons so folks won't immediately think I'm just trying to protect my rice bowl. While I'm at it, I'll make fun of how people look and what they use for a holster and how they carry that holster. That way people will come to me/read the magazines I write for to find out what holsters meet with my special approval (whether I get a kickback or promotional consideration for mentioning them regardless of the new FTC regulations that say I must disclose that I do or I do not get a kickback/promotional consideration).

    But I'm a professional (as in I get paid to run my mouth) so you ought to listen to what I say even when all I do is run something down as opposed to giving a balanced discussion and then supporting my opinion.[/David Reeder voice]

    It must be nice to be that sure that your way is right and all other ways are not.

    stay safe.
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    What the heck is with the photo of the young man in the burger joint? He picks on the kid for having a crossdraw holster, which is perfectly fine if he's doing a lot of driving or it's simply more comfortable for him. Then they have a problem with it having a retention snap strap? What the heck is wrong with that? At least it has SOME retention. Probably a lot more retention than most holsters you see CCers use. Then they want to say that he has virtually no Situational Awareness. Says Who? He's waving or gesturing to someone and appears to be seated with a person dressed in military garb. He's probably looked about and is doing a fine job being aware of his surroundings but in that split second of a moment captured by the camera how can they know what his SA level is? And what exactly do they want us to do when open carrying? Sit there all nervous and constantly scanning the room while clinching at our pistols? Maybe we should be all sweaty and jump everytime someone walks in? I'm sure the other people dining in that restaurant would appreciate seeing someone who looks like he's about to take over an airliner sitting next to them in the next booth. <-SARCASM.
    The young guy has a pistol securely holstered on his belt and looks to be having a good time and enjoying his time at the restaurant. So what if he's in a booth near the entrance and everyone has to see his pistol when they walk in? Maybe that was the only booth available when they arrived. He's doing noting illegal, he's not acting like a paranoid mental case and nobody else seems to be running in terror at his being there.
    To the author of this article I say grow the Frack up and Shut the Frack up. You are a firearms bigot and have no credibility with me.
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