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Thread: Any laws change in Montana?

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    Any laws change in Montana?

    I'll be over in Montana in two weeks or so, last year was my first taste of loaded OC in public, having visited I called the Missoula County Sheriff who said it was perfectly legal to OC at age 19 (I'm now 20) so I after verifying the codes I went and OC'd in Missoula, Kalispell, Phillipsburg, Alberton and some unincorporated areas by 9 mile creek. Although I did disarm upon entering the National Bison Range due to the federal gun buster sign (only to later learn congress legalized carry in accordance with state law on dept of interior land)

    anyway I'm looking over the laws again, but I just wanted to be sure that no laws had changed in the interim as I plan to OC again whenever and wherever legal.
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    No changes. All attempts to expand our rights were vetoed by the governor. No new restrictions.
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    The only real change here under the Big Sky is that our party is now BYI (bring your own) - ammo, that is, not beer. The shelves have been rather bare as since Obummer rigged the last election.


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