The city of Lenexa will vote to possibly allow the open carry of loaded firearms on property open to the public this Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 at 7pm. If passed the new law will bring the cities weapons ordinance into compliance with State Law.

Please send a respectful email to the mayor & council in support of the ordinance and thank them for their service to their community

If you live in Johnson County please attend the council meeting if possible. The link below is the agenda and open carry is number 20 on the list

The meeting starts at 7pm at city hall council chambers 12350 W. 87th St Pkwy, Lenexa, KS 66285

Proposed ordinance:

20. Ordinance amending City Code Section 3-9-I-1 (Unlawful Use of Weapons) to
amend and clarify the City’s open carry of guns laws.

Description: The ordinance would amend City Code Section 3-9-I-1 to clarify the
City’s firearm carry laws. It allows for the open carry of firearms on public property so
long as the firearm is carried in a holster with the safety on and remains in the
immediate control of the person carrying at all times. It also prohibits concealed and
open carrying of weapons at City-sponsored events where alcohol and/or cereal malt
beverages are served or consumed. Finally, it creates a distinct misdemeanor offense
when an individual carries a loaded firearm during the commission of a list of other
enumerated municipal misdemeanor offenses. None of the provisions in the Section
which apply to concealed carry are applicable to any person who is licensed to carry
concealed under the Personal and Family Protection Act.