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Thread: TGI Fridays / Virginia Beach

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    TGI Fridays / Virginia Beach

    Well, wife, daughter, daughter's boyfriend, and I had a great Friday going. We had just shots about 300 rounds at the shooting range near lynnhaven mall, and all four of us were open carrying when the kids decided to take us out for dinner "father's day" meal. The fact that we were OC'ing was noticed but didn't seem to cause much more than curious looks with a few startled double takes but moments later "must not be a problem" loss of interest reactions. We order and recieved our drinks, ordered and recieved our appetizer, and ordered our meals. At about the 1/2 hour point as our food was being placed in front of us, the manager who was helping deliver the food, informed us that Fridays has a corporate policy about no guns in the building and at our first opportunity would we kindly take them out to the car. (There were no signs on the door).

    I informed him that our doing so, in front of all these people made them a very tempting target for being stolen and we NEVER leave our guns anywhere unattended. I appologized that we were unaware of their policy and we would go ahead and leave. The manager then back pedaled a bit (over $100 in food sitting infront of us about to become trash) and asked if we could hide them in a bag under the table. I informed him that us un holstering our weapons in a public place was more dangerous and could be more alarming to his guests than them staying where they were. I again stated that it wasn't a problem and we would leave. He decided to graciously allow this one time exception but asked that we leave our guns outside on our "next" visit. I assured him that would not be a problem (yes, we don't intend to patronize that chain in the future).

    I was very proud of my daughter, who after a few minutes reflection (stewing?) asked out waitress to speak to the GM. She returned a few minutes later saying the GM was not in the building but they were getting her number for my daughter (comment; times have changed from when I was the GM of a casual dining restaurant - I was always in the building during lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday as 50% of my sales for the week occured during that period)

    The manager (must have been the only one on duty?) brought over the GM's card. A little while later, my daughter who was still upset, called the manager over and explained that she was very upset by the way the whole thing was handled. Her father's day dinner was ruined and not because of the policy but because they/he waited over a 1/2 hour and as our food was being delivered to tell us of the policy. The staff was well aware they we were carrying and said nothing. We would not have been overly pleased to be turned away at the door but would have respected their rights to set the policy. She told him she did not think she should have to pay for her dinner (most of which was sitting uneaten in front of her. He came back later and told her he took 20% off the bill.

    It was tough for me (and the others at the table) not to pile on in the conversation but prior to the manager being summoned to the table I told her that it was her request and I would let her do the talking. She made me proud!

    I found this doing a search online so it does look like there is a policy at corporate stores (not sure if this one is but it doesn't really matter, we will not go back). My daughter still plans to follow up with the GM

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    Sorry you were not aware of TGIF's policy. Way back they hads "No Concealed Weapons Allowed" stickers on their doors. Then they changed to "No Illegal Guns Allowed". They must have figured out they screwed up the signage and are now just supposed to enforce the policy at the door.

    Kudos on being willing to get up and leave with food still on the table. (Much better to leave it there than to ask for a box to take it with you. Makes it harder for management to insist you pay for what you do not get to eat.)

    More kudos to the daughter for taking on the manager in a polite, rational way.

    Play up the personal embarassment issue when dealing with management (GM & higher). Refuse to accept gift cards or other concilliatory offers, stressing that besides not wanting to support a place that fears inanimate objects you would not want to return to the site of such distressing treatment. Heck, threaten to sue them for emotional trauma if you think they would care.

    A "one-time exception"? Either it's a policy or it's not. I know they'd like to avoid a scene, but I have more respect for someone who stands by their policy than someone who waffles before the almighty dollar. (If you are a halfway decent manager you know how to get someone out of the place without a scene ensuing. If you are a decent manager you should be able to do it without anybody else noticing it.)

    stay safe.
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    Well done and tell your daughter I take my hat off to her!

    You might want to check with Corporate and see if the policy is no guns, or no illegal guns.

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    Very well done, sir.

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    Sounds like....

    You raised that one right! Kudos to dad and daughter.

    I have to love it when the money talks louder than the policy. We stand to win when they realize we represent the profit margin they are looking for.
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