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Thread: Gun Owners of America Gun group floods County Board with emails backing David Clarke

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    Gun Owners of America Gun group floods County Board with emails backing David Clarke

    "Pratt said his right-wing group sent out an alert to its 300,000 members encouraging them to urge County Board members to oppose a proposal by Supervisor Patricia Jursik."

    There are four 'updates' ATM, including evidence that the flood has been effective. "UPDATE: The full County Board voted 11-7 on Thursday to return the proposal to committee. Also, Supervisor Steve F. Taylor accuses Supervisor Patricia Jursik of vendetta against sheriff."

    Larry Pratt, is the controversial leader of the organization.

    According to news accounts, he blamed the deaths of the 26 individuals in the Newtown massacre on gun control advocates, saying they had "the blood of little children on their hands." He also has suggested the mass shooting in Century movie theater in Aurora, Colo., was a possible setup to build support for the United Nations Small Arms Treaty.

    Larry Pratt was also bounced from Pat Buchanan's 1996 presidential campaign after opponents noted that Pratt had made public appearances with white supremacists and militia leaders. Pratt said at the time that the media was engaging in guilt by association.
    And this Murkee urinal guardian journalista is spinning left for all he's worth.
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    I guess we should be nice to people who wish to harm us ..... duh...

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