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Thread: Washington State Second Amendment Rally!!! ?????

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    Washington State Second Amendment Rally!!! ?????

    Soooo I have been here, at OCDO, for almost 4 years.
    its been good for me,,, Ive learned a lot, met lots of people, some good, some not, mostly good, some fake good...

    The point of this thread is the 2A Rally!

    Three years ago,, leaders in OCDO arranged a 2A rally in about April. It was great!
    Two years ago,, leaders in OCDO arranged a 2A rally in about April. again,,, it was great!

    Now dont misunderstand me,,, their are NO leaders of OCDO here,,, but there are guys here in OCDO that have lead us,,, faithfully...
    For their efforts,,, I am greatfull... Really...

    Last year,, two upstart organizations showed up..
    One new group organized a 2 A rally in every state in the USA,,, We took part too,,, and it worked really good,, everywhere!!
    Another group tried to organize another 2A rally a month later,,, We took part in that too, to a lesser degree,, but still good!

    It seems like I just woke up,,,
    I realized,,,
    We did not even have a rumor,
    of the possability of the thought,
    of the glint of the idea,
    of the memory of the time,
    when WE would stand together,
    just for a few hours,
    in the park at the capital,
    ,, just to remind our government,
    that WE arent going to take it anymore!
    EMNofSeattle wrote: Your idea of freedom terrifies me. So you are actually right. I am perfectly happy with what you call tyranny.....

    “If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”

    Stand up for your Rights,, They have no authority on their own...

    All power is inherent in the people,
    it is their right and duty to be at all times ARMED!

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    I am not sure the time is now.. But it's never a bad time to have a rally. The State is occupied with budget issues so they can go home. The 2A is the farthest thing from their mind right now. Now, depending on the signature gathering of I-591 and I-594 we may need to have a rally to beat all rallies come 2014.

    Currently mapping locations of Shooting Areas as well as Gun Stores - Let me know what is missing!

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    July 13th is Picnic day for quite a few OC groups this year. We could tout this a a State Wide OC Picnic. Of course we would be collecting signatures too. Thats Bastille Day weekend.

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