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Thread: MAIG "No More Names" tour coming to Little Rock 6/27

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    MAIG "No More Names" tour coming to Little Rock 6/27

    Apparently Mayor Bloomberg wanted to keep the stops on his little vulture bus tour a secret from gun owners. Well, a little sleuthing is revealing the upcoming stops. What say we give the tour a nice warm Pro2A welcome when they visit our home states?

    Little Rock

    When: Thursday, June 27th, 9:30 AM.
    Where: Riverwalk Pavilion
    400 President Clinton Avenue and Ottenheimer Street
    Little Rock, AR 72201

    - bsd
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    Good luck gathering a crowd.

    BSD, I'd love to see a herd of razorbacks bolting down the street...

    However, don't let them get to you and stay calm. It drives them nuts.

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    Give 'em the same warm welcome we did in Atlanta; we outnumbered them two to one and the Bloomberg bus mysteriously "broke down" right about when our numbers equaled theirs earlier in the morning.

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    Everybody forgot to show up....

    I think about 17 people showed up.

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