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    They've made a lot if changes recently. I just have one question, can you open carry a rifle loaded or not in Wichita and Sedgwick county?

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    (14) LONG GUN CARRY IS OFF-TOPIC: This web site is focused on the right to openly carry properly holstered handguns in daily American life. We do NOT promote the carry of long guns. Long guns are great! OCDO co-founders John & Mike and most of the members of this forum own at least one long gun - but due to urban area issues of muzzle control, lack of trigger guard coverage, and the fact that the long gun carry issue distracts from our main mission to promote the open carry of handguns in daily life, we will leave long gun carry activism in the capable hands of the future founders of web sites about long gun carry.
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    I believe if you buy a long gun holster our sheath to sling across your back and have the safety on I wouldn't see why not.

    But I am not telling you to do it and this site is about holstered firearms/pistols.

    let us know if you get arrested

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