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Thread: 2nd Special Session Added, Burn up the lines to Perry's office.

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    2nd Special Session Added, Burn up the lines to Perry's office.

    From the Texas Firearms Freedom Facebook page;

    In case you haven't seen this plastered across national news today: Governor Perry has called a 2nd special session.

    While the call of this session does not include gun bills, he is at liberty to add that topic at any time. Please contact his office through our site ( or by calling 512-463-2000 or 512-463-1782.

    All we can do is try one more time.

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    I intend to call (again)

    I'm thinking, if it's not added, I might just keep calling, maybe once a month or so, to remind the office of how dissatisfied I am with our lack of proper representation. Perhaps it'd be more effective if they were constantly reminded that we'd really appreciate them re-enabling our 2nd amendment rights, as opposed to only blasting with calls when it's time to vote on stuff. Keep it on their mind, ya know?

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    I'm sure this has already been mentioned - a tuition revenue bill (TRB)is in the offering this session for State colleges/universities.

    Needless to say ..... no TRB without a campus carry bill - Governor Perry !
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