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Thread: robber uses weed whacker

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    robber uses weed whacker

    Morons on both sides of the counter here.
    He can't reach most of them, and can't seriously injure people he can reach, unless he gets an eye.
    Hit the panic button, step back from the counter, call 911, and laugh at the idiot.
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    But it was black! It was an assault weed whacker.

    Seriously, this just proves that most people are afraid of the criminal, regardless of his choice of weapon. He could have a bottle of holy water and most wimps would hand him the cash. Carry a gun. No need to be afraid.

    I mean, how would this have turned out differently if the thug had brought a weed whacker to a gun fight?

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    I've operated a weed whacker wearing shorts before and got it on the legs........ I'd rather get shot!!!!!!

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