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Thread: Military use of public property

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    Military use of public property

    I was recently trying to OC on a parking lot near a mall (which was closed) on my way to a shopping center and was asked by police and military to leave because of a military exercise there. They claimed I was breaking the law for two reasons. First, the mall was no longer in business, though the parking lot was in use by other stores there, and that I was OCing near a military exercise.

    Anyone know the actual laws regarding military use of public property or private property with public access?
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    A parking lot near a mall does not sound like public property, it sounds like private property. And if the private property owners gave permission for the military to use such property they can limit who has access to said property. Though I do not believe the military has authority to enforce or act as the property owners agent. The civilian police do.
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    As I recall a nation Defense Area has to be declared and posted in order for the military to legal assume authority over an area, and that is for the protection of classified information, National defense data or property, often used at aircraft crash sites.

    Would need more information as far as where, when and what type of units were participating.
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