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Thread: OC around large group

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    OC around large group

    Me and my family are going to the 4th of July parade and fireworks tonight. Was going to be OCing. There will be police everywhere. Should I be prepared to be stopped by a LEO? I am in Calvert City and have OC everywhere here but not at an event like this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jsharp72 View Post
    Should I be prepared to be stopped by a LEO?
    Always be prepared to be stopped by a police officer, regardless of the situation.
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    The two times I have been stopped was at a large fireworks.
    (Last year at Riverfest.) LEO made a big deal about it being "the busiest time of the year"
    Just take at less one recorder (I had a recorder and a video recorder) and know your rights.
    What better time to OC than on the 4th.
    I was at a parade today and will be at the Fireworks also.

    Have a good time


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    We all know the cops should be worrying about the non-LACs that care carrying something tucked inside their pants/pocket/baby-momma's purse/baby's diaper - but they cannot see those so don't have the visual stimulus to get all worked up.

    Wear it with pride, but be prepared to "discuss" things with the cops. Record from the time you leave your house till you get back home. Ig it's noisey out feel free to pull your recorder (or back-up recorder) out and hold it close to the cop so you get every word.

    Crowds might be the impetus for some sort of Level II or + retention holster. Let your personal paranoia be your guide..

    Enjoy the fireworks. Try to remember that more than likely nobody is shooting at you. Even while watching the pretty colors remember situational awareness. Ramp that up 1000%+ getting back to the car and on the way home.

    stay safe.
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    So how did it turn out for you in Calvert City? Did you end up OC'ing at the fireworks display?

    Let me tell you about my unfortunate 4th of July experience. I've had the misfortune of going to IL for the 4th. Yep you read it correctly, I'm in the people's republic of IL. I've always had a bad opinion of the LEO's of IL not the people. (lets get that straight) So this year we are up in IL visiting my wife's family so my guns are in KY. I was hoping all through June and back on Tuesday that something would be passed before I had to leave. Last night at the fireworks display my head was on a swivel with everyone behind me walking around... it was unnerving being out for the first time in months like that and being in a crowd. God I miss KY. I will be glad to see that state border sign on Sunday!

    Oh, Rend Lake, the family is doing the picnic thing beside the lake. We are a good 40 yards away from the water so the kids run to the waters edge and start playing on the rocks. There isn't a soul near us, closest person is a good 200 yards away. About 30 minutes go by and a park ranger shows up. He stands about 30 yards away just watching for about 10 minutes. He then starts to walk toward us. He asks, "Are those kids yours?" Pointing in the direction of the lake. My brother in law response with a simple yes. He says, "We had a report of kids throwing rocks and I had to come and investigate it." So as you would guess we had to call the kids back away from the lake because obviously kids with rocks are a danger to the public some how. Now what I didn't share is that this ranger walked passed the round hoops of our yard dart game we had setup. Yes the 30 year old version with sharp pointed metal shafts. So now instead of the kids tossing rocks at the lake they are tossing yard darts up near the tables. Way to go Ranger Rick! I love IL... NOT! Did I mention I miss KY and my XDM?


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