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Thread: great encounter in Evansville

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    great encounter in Evansville

    so i am in town for a wedding....about 3 hours into my trip from florida, i realize i forgot my suit. so, being the fashionably fresh person that i am, i decided i would stop at goodwill when i got here.

    so i end up at the Salvation Army thrift shop on Weinbach Ave. and Pollack Ave...find my awesome suit (pants, jacket, two shirts, and a tie), and head to the register. whole time OCing my glock.

    there are three ladies up there working the counter, all talking about something. so i put my hideous selections on the counter, and in the middle of their conversation the girl getting the price tags on the clothes chuckles. i said, "hey, don't laugh at my wardrobe!"

    she says, "oh no, i would never laugh...i was laughing at my friend" i told her i was kidding, and she read off the prices to the cashier sitting next to her. came out to about $6. and i was like, "that's not possible because this one is $5 and that one is $3, so that's at least $8." so she goes, "oh honey clothes are 50% off." and the cashier chimed in, "you're so cute, such an honest young man."

    then i scoot over to the side to sign the receipt, and cashier goes, without missing a beat or leaning back in shock, "are you a policeman?" (i was wearing cargo shorts and a plain slim fit t-shirt) and i said "no." and then she goes right on, "what kind of gun is that" i said "glock", and then she replies, "well where were you yesterday when i needed you?" i said, "i was in florida!" and then she says, "i needed someone to shoot someone. we had to call the cops on someone who was acting crazy ....who robs when it's 50% off?"

    so i go, "really?? well, you don't have to shoot someone just because you have a gun, you don't even need to use it, just be in control of the situation and be calm" and she goes, "yeah, i was scared and had to call the cops."

    the other girl goes, "yeah it was 5 for $5 day..."

    and that was it. "have a nice weekend sir."

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    sounds good!

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    sounds like a great encounter. Looks like I'm gonna go OCing at the nearest Goodwill and SA stores =P

    Carry on and be safe =)
    "Gun control is the use of both hands".

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