"As for our local “Lawman with a Law Degree,” he’s sticking to his guns (pun intended, with more to come) with a fresh warning that he will refuse to enforce any new gun control laws he deems unconstitutional."

"But Madonna’s got a job to do, too. A few weeks ago, she was pressed by interviewer Elizabeth Vargas on ABC’s “Good Morning America” about why she didn’t heed calls to remove firearm follies from her documentary of last year’s MDNA tour. She defended her “art,” in part, with this golden National Rifle Association oldie: “I mean the thing is, guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”


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The Second Amendment of Frank Wooten, Posted & Currying

Your memory of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution is
the failed premise of your op-ed. You did not quote the effective and
predicate clause, "shall not be infringed." But that's mere textual

Pistols are not protection from the governments awesome arsenal, neither
do we need to fear that arsenal. Pistols are protection from government
drones wielding that arsenal, people that kill severely overmatched people.

Chief Mullen has forgotten the Peelian Principles of an ethical police,
most of which honor the public and its approval, respect and persuasion.
One, in particular, demands absolute impartial service to the law.
Meanwhile the paramilitarized police style themselves as law enforcers.
While respect is good, fear works.

Sheriff Cannon is an elected constitutional officer exercising his
judicial discretion, and not an employee of a progressive administration.

Stick to media darling Madonna, she's more likely susceptible to
illogic. Study the self-immolating Buddhist monks for the efficacy the
unarmed if you will not honor our armed fathers. Read Václav Havel on
dissent in The Power of the Powerless.
I wonder if rootin' tootin' Frank Wooten can sing 'I shot the sheriff', but I did not shoot his deputy?