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Thread: Overkill: SWAT teams sent to fight poker games, liquor violations. MJS Let's talk

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    Overkill: SWAT teams sent to fight poker games, liquor violations. MJS Let's talk

    "The door-busting, guns-drawn tactics can have deadly consequences as reporter Radley Balko details. In a 2006 Virginia case a detective pretended to befriend an optometrist whose crime was betting on football games. The optometrist, Sal Culosi, was shot and killed during a SWAT team raid of his house. His last words, uttered to the cop he thought was his friend: "Dude, what are you doing?"

    Mark Johnson of the Journal Sentinel, Let's talk about this story. Anyone have any stories they'd care to share about the use of SWAT teams -- proper or otherwise?
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    Sending a SWAT team for betting. Sounds a tad overkill (sorry, pun was not intentional).
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