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Thread: Illinois assembly overrides Quinn CCW veto

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    Illinois assembly overrides Quinn CCW veto

    Illinois lawmakers override Quinn CCW veto

    Anti-gun Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn suffered a serious defeat today as lawmakers in Springfield voted to override his “amendatory veto” of court-mandated concealed carry legislation, thus paving the way for Prairie State citizens to apply for concealed carry licenses.

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    Chicago gang bangers mass for protests. Say legislation creates unsafe work environment. Film at eleven - if our crews are not all shot up.

    Retail trade association identifies pants two sizes too big as latest hot seller. UI-Urbana social sceince profs puzzled at lack of sagging pants wearing by bitter old white men.

    BDSM practitioners seen hoarding leather in anticipation of surge in demand.

    Anybody else want to play?

    stay safe.
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    Health fears give rise to proposals for a separate sewer system to handle the blood in the streets.

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