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Thread: Owner of Suprlock gun shop in Henderson died

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    Owner of Suprlock gun shop in Henderson died

    Sad news as Rance Spurlock Owner of Suprlock gun shop in Henderson died a week or so back. He was in Africa on a 20-day hunt. He had completed the hunt was making arrangments for he and his hunted game to come home. Came down sick, went to a clinic where they at first thought it was Malaria then said it was not, gave him some meds sent him on his way, he ended up passing several hours later while still in Africa. Once back home they are going to do an autopsy hopping to make a determination of death.
    The shop is open for business as usually.

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    Yes, several weeks ago. The last I heard, for what ever good that is, they think it may have been a spider bite.

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