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Thread: AW and Magazine Registration

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    AW and Magazine Registration

    This may have been answered before - if so I apologize.

    Is there anything in the law that requires that either an AW or HCM that is physically located outside the boundaries of CT be registered? I would assume that if it is not registered and is later returned to CT it would be as "illegal" as one that remained in CT and was not registered. However, if it is physically outside of CT and does not return, even if it was originally registered via a DPS-3 (not the case with an HCM except by inference, I know), is there anything illegal about not registering it since it is "possessed" by you?

    Not asking for a legal opinion, just if anyone has seen anything in the bill or other published info about the bill that addresses this issue?

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    You are NOT required to register anything located "out of state". But you do bring up a great point. You will not be able to bring in these items in the future as they'll be considered to be illegally "imported" into the state from out of state. It won't matter if you already owned these items. Good luck.

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    Aside from the fact that the DPS 3 form is illegal for them to gather or require (another subject), the guns stored out of state do not need to be registered.

    In fact, I would venture to say that you cannot register the gun(s) unless they are in the state.

    You may call Imisa Torres @ 860-685-8011 at DESPP .... supposedly, she is the person (or one of the people) who can answer these types of questions.

    And I suggest that folks do store guns out of state, outside the grasp of the commies here in CT so that if they steal your guns here, you can collect the ones out of state and still be able to defend yourself.

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