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Thread: Now that the trial portion is over - YOU'RE FIRED ! state fires employee

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    Now that the trial portion is over - YOU'RE FIRED ! state fires employee

    ...he testified last month that he was worried prosecutors didnít turn over information about deleted images and text messages Kruidbos recovered from Trayvon Martinís cell phone, including photos of a hand holding a gun and a plant that looked like marijuana...

    Isn't that special ... nothing like a good wrongful discharge case

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    From the letter released, it appears he ought to have been fired quite a while ago.

    That has nothing to do with the exposure of evidence that was/continues to be withheld.

    And remember, the exposure can be the basis for any necessary/desired appeal.

    Which still has nothing to do with the stated reasons for his termination which IMHO based on reading the letter the state's attorney should have done a long time ago.

    Please go rake some other muck.

    stay safe.
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