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Thread: US Bank threatens man over concealed carry

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    US Bank threatens man over concealed carry

    MILWAUKEE - The man walked into US bank with a concealed carry permit and his weapon. He took care of his business and left. Now the bank says he'll be in trouble if he does it again.

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    This has been discussed quite a bit on the WI Carry FB page.
    Quote Originally Posted by TMJ4
    walked into US bank with a concealed carry permit and his weapon.
    And since he was carrying openly, the WI cc license doesn't matter.
    But I'm glad to see that the bank's policies are being made very public.
    They can't have it both ways - not posting so it looks like their customers are safe (and it looks like they're immune from liability), then refusing to serve lawfully-armed customers.
    Now it's clear that they do turn away LACs, so they are not immune... and now criminals know where it's safe to "work".
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    I have oced at my bank numerous times. There are no postings. Either no one has seen my gun or they have and don't say nothing bec they all know me. It is Associated bank.

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