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Thread: What do you think I should sell my P226 for?

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    What do you think I should sell my P226 for?

    N.B. This thread is not an attempt to sell, simply a request for valuation.

    A little while ago, I bought a Walther PPQ, and love it. I want to sell my Sig P226 9mm so I can buy a Walther PPS for CC. I think it was made in 2003, has ~1000-1500 rounds through it, and comes with the original blue box/manual/lock, original plastic grips, Hogue slab grips, Hogue wrap-around contour grips, 1x 15rd factory mag, 1x 15rd after-market mag, and 2x 10rd factory mag. The gun is in excellent condition, with no visible signs of wear other than where the slide rubs the breech.

    What should I be trying to sell this for? I know P226s are somewhat uncommon on the used market, and I have several value-adds. Someone told me $800 was reasonable, but I had no luck on waguns at $700.
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    chk here .. maybe get a better idea on a price that will make it sell ... you can always put it up for auction too

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    You might do better bartering for ammo than asking for cash.

    Remember, guns listed for sale on trading sites are all NIB ultra-rare examples worth at least 5 times what the vendor at the gun show are asking. Folks looking to buy a gun are of the opinion that all guns lose 75% of value every year since the first version came out, and an additional 3% for every round fired through it.

    The "fair price" is what the seller and the buyer agree on. Getting to that price often depends on whether or not both sides are willing to dicker, as opposed to seeing the price asked/offered as hard and fast.

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