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Thread: Recording Open Carry interactions??

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    Recording Open Carry interactions??

    Just wondering what the best recording app is for an android smart phone that wont stop if you get a call and if there is a way to record straight to a sight on the internet that would prevent prying officers from deleting a recording from your phone?

    just trying to be proactive.
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    I use Bambuser. Same idea as Qik, but I liked some of the client features better. It's a good idea to do several tests to figure out what resolution will stream live to the Internet without skips. I set mine pretty low - like 320 x 240 with high quality audio. People that know your channel name can watch the video live as you stream it, or after the fact.

    I tried Qik (the one J1MB0B pointed out) and it seems fine - there were just a couple things about the Bambuser client that I liked better.

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    I always get concerned with QiK, I had lost some recordings before when I was in a poor internet location and I could not find the local copy.

    I use 'Easy Voice Recorder Free', its low profile and I have yet to have a time in which it stopped recording. It is just a voice recorder though. I typically start it when I get out and about and just let it run, Ill go through and clean the audio up later that night or whenever out of space. I would recommend recording on a high quality and just clearing space at end of day, high quality will let you tune it better if needed later.
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