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Thread: Open Carry Laws in The Metro Area

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    Open Carry Laws in The Metro Area

    I am slightly confused on the laws, and have found that MANY others are also...

    So, I have a few simple questions that hopefully will clear the air... (PLEASE do not provide answers without evidence to verify them as true)

    #1 Can a person OPEN carry in SARPY COUNTY without an Open Carry Permit?
    #2 Can a person OPEN carry in DOUGLAS COUNTY WITH an Open Carry Permit?
    #3 WHY are there (seemingly) NO teachers of Open Carry classes/permits in the Omaha/Metro Area? (if there are, please cite them)
    #4 Where can ALL the above asked questions be answered?

    Thanks ahead of time for the response, and if ya could, please send an email to me, so we can hook up and get to engageing in our 2nd and 1st Am. Rights!

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    Welcome to OCDO!

    See answers provided at

    Please do not double post the same question/information - such is actually against our Forum Rules.
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