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Thread: Holster And Mag Pouch For Glock 29

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    Holster And Mag Pouch For Glock 29

    I recently sold my Glock 22 and Jim Burke holster. When I had this setup I carried concealed in the 4-5 o'clock position. I have a Glock 29 now, and a Blade-Tech Eclipse OWB holster, and due to it's cant it seems to be intended for the 4 o'clock or so position. While this holster works great for concealed carry, I'm not sure I want to use it for open carry. So I'm currently looking at a Blackhawk Serpa CQC holster in the 3 o'clock position for open carry. I like the idea of the gun being more forward so it's harder for someone to grab from behind, and also I would have the additional retention over the Eclipse. Any comments on the Serpa CQC for open carry?

    UPDATE: Someone on suggested a Safariland Glock 29, 30 6378 ALS Concealment Paddle Holster (STX Black Finish,Right Handed). It looks pretty nice also. Any opinions on it?

    Also I'm looking for a good mag pouch for Glock 29 10 round mags, single or dual, that have good retention.

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    I utilize SERPAs with the paddle attachment (can't remember if they're CQC or not) for both my pistols (Springfield XD subcompact, Rock Island Armory 1911). They work fine, retention is enough for my peace of mind, and since I'm mostly carrying between work and home the paddle makes disarming easy enough.

    As for the mag holster, I don't have Glock-specific recommendations, but I'll tell you about the two brands of mag holsters I have and take it for what it's worth. For my double-stack XD magazine I bought a Galco "Concealable" leather mag holster. The friction is strong enough that I've never had a mag fall out, even while playing with my children. For my single-stack 1911 mag I bought a Galco CLMC Carry Lite, with the intention that I could remove it (via the snap) without removing my belt. In reality, the snap is so freakin tight that I gave up on it, and just leave it on my belt even at work. (It's unobtrusive enough that only "gun guys" notice it's a mag holster.)
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