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Thread: Open carry

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    Open carry

    I have decided to exercise my 2nd amendment right to bare arms. In the state of Oregon I have the right to open carry as long as I have a CHL( Concealed Hand Gun License ) which I have, according to the Oregon state law I can open carry anywhere I can carry concealed, so I will respect all laws that I have practiced in the past as a CHL but I will open carry.
    So I will see who denies me entry to their places of business and inform them of the law and go from there.
    I am tired of hiding my weapon, I should be proud to display it, and not ashamed to hide it.
    Well here I go, I'm going to take my wife with me in case the police want to take me in, that way she can take the truck home.
    I just know I'm going to run into a cop that doesn't know the law and is ignorant of the laws of open carry in the state of Oregon and there for I will have to explain it to him or her, which is going to be fun !!!!

    So here I go !!!!
    I'm the guy Obama warned you about !!!

    I will keep you deformed on what happens

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    Considering how hot it's been, bare arms are a good idea.

    Arguing with cops, generally not so much. If they want to be unconstitutional jerks, let them. Get it recorded, take it to a good civil rights lawyer.

    Would also be a good idea to ask a moderator to move this to your state forum, since this isn't really an OC question; it's more of a "look out world, here I come" manifesto, which could best be addressed by people in your state.
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    Quote Originally Posted by w6rad View Post
    I will keep you deformed on what happens
    I'm deformed enough already thanks.

    Pass the popcorn

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