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Thread: adapters for shotgun to shoot handgun rounds - anyone have one?

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    adapters for shotgun to shoot handgun rounds - anyone have one?

    I don't know why someone would want one of these adapters .... but there may be reasons

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    Kind of negates the advantage of having a shotgun that can handle more than one round. Only possible advantage I can see would be for someone who can't handle a large-caliber pistol because of their size or some physical infirmity. Even then, the disadvantages, to me, outweigh the advantages.

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    I have a couple, 9x19 and 45acp. Had them for almost 40 years now.
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    Sounds good for a SHTF scenario and you have a shotgun but no pistol. When the SHTF ammo will be available, odds are not in the caliber you or others use.

    ETA: I will say though the adapter appears to be more of a burden to use that makes it suitable only for a survival/SHTF scenario.
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