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Thread: Places to shoot out in the country? (Richmond area mainly)

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    Places to shoot out in the country? (Richmond area mainly)

    Hey folks, does anyone know of any spots out in the country where it's legal, or at least where nobody will care if you pulled over on the side of the road in a quarry to do some target shooting? I'm mainly looking anywhere in the 20 or so mile radius around Richmond, or between Richmond and Quantico. I grew up in rural California where that was how we normally would go shooting, so I'm not too familiar with how to go about it in Virginia.

    Unfortunately I don't know anybody with any extensive property good for shooting on, so I'm trying to see if there's any kind of 'make your own range' spots out in the country.

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    Unless you know somebody with acerage, or join a shooting range, you are not going to be able to do much shooting in the Greater Richmond Metro area (or the rest of Virginia).

    Most counties have laws against the discharge of firearms off your own property, and the more urbanized ones regulate even that. California, for all that is bad with it, apparently has "public lands". Not so in Virginia.

    Thanks for asking before just going out, stopping at a "likely-looking" spot and finding out the hard way.

    stay safe.
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    Quantico Shooting Club

    Hey Marine,
    As a Leatherneck aboard MCBQ, you are entitled to join the QSC, which shoots at the WTBN ranges. The clubhouse is right by Range 5. The website is

    The yearly dues are very reasonable and based on rank. I pay $88 per year....NRA competitions, long range, rifle, pistol and muzzleloading shoots on Fri-Sun every weekend....

    Let me know if I can help you out.

    Semper Fidelis,
    Pat Mooney

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