Date: July 27, 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 9am-5pm
Where: Hampton Inn, 1555 S Route 31, McHenry, IL
-NRA Basic Pistol $125
-Utah Course $60
-Both $160

This is the NRA Basic Pistol Course and will also include the optional Utah Permit Course. The NRA Basic Pistol course will count for 8 of the required 16 hours to acquire your Illinois Permit. All students should bring a firearm, eyes and ears, and 50 rounds of factory ammunition. Classroom will be first followed by a short drive to the range to qualify.
Class costs (25% non-refundable deposit required)
NRA Basic Pistol: $125
Utah Only: $60 (plus applicable permit fees)
Both: $160 (plus applicable permit fees)

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