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Thread: Canyon County Fair 2013

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    Cool Canyon County Fair 2013

    So I went to the Canyon County Fair last night to see the Oak Ridge Boys. I have been going to the fair for the last 3 years and have always OC'ed without anyone saying anything; I figured most people didn't even notice.

    This year as I was entering the gate a cop want-a-be tells me I can't come into the fair with my pistol. I looked at him and laughed a little and told him he was mistaken and he needed to brush up on the laws if he was going to stand at the gate giving people false information. He was rude so my tone was more to the point. I asked him to show me the law that said I couldn't and that seemed too have frozen both of his brain cells and he got a blank stare. I asked him to get me someone to talk to that I could have an intelligent conversation with and I followed him to a trailer just inside the gate.

    In the trailer were two cops and a lady that called the head of the fair board over. The cops where fantastic and said they didn't have a problem and even told me they liked having armed citizens around as it keeps people calm. The fair board guy came over and we talked, I told him who I was and my back ground and he said he didn't have a problem with it. He said he was a firearms instructor and had no clue were his "Barney Fife" security guard got his information and that it wasn't the policy of the fair to go against open carry and the state of Idaho laws. So we went into the fair.

    The only other negative comment was a young security guard wearing handcuffs at the entrance of the VIP tent and he questioned me I told him it was legal and to leave me alone. He made a phone call but that was the last I heard from him.

    The positive: I went back stage to help a buddy and the Oak Ridge Boys manager started talking to me about pistols and that he has the same one. The Guy with the long white beard from the Oak Ridge Boys (William Lee Golden) talked to me for about 10 minutes about guns, shooting, and a pistol he got from the FBI until they had to go on stage.

    All the off duty cops from ADA County, Canyon County, and ISP was awesome and had no issues with open carry.

    Third year open carry and first year contact with ignorant cop want-a-be.

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    Glad everything went good Doc, If you decide to come to the Spokane fair this yr you won't have a problem Ocing there either...Carry On

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    Perfect! Well ,sort of. Would have been nice to not be confronted at all, but the results were great! I didn't make it to the fair this year as wife was out of town and I had a jillion things to accomplish on our "Vacation" property by Idaho City.

    Do Hope you don't mind if I quote you for the Idaho Open Carry facebook page. Let me know if you would like it deleted.

    I'll be there next year!
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