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Thread: Mobile-payment service Square blocks gun sales. CNN MoneyTach 13 May 2013

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    Mobile-payment service Square blocks gun sales. CNN MoneyTach 13 May 2013

    "Square has put a target on gun sellers. The mobile-payment service, run by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, amended its terms of service for retailers last week to ban sales of "firearms, firearm parts or hardware, and ammunition; or... weapons and other devices designed to cause physical injury." ... "Online-auction site eBay also bans weapon sales, as does web-payment service PayPal."

    "I think that Mayor Bloomberg has done an amazing job, and I and a lot of Silicon Valley look to him as a guiding light because he's completely rethought what it means to be mayor," Dorsey told CNN in March.
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    With the NSA sucking up credit card transactions (the deputy of the NSA stated that they have this power -- who thinks they are not using it? Naive people) one should pay cash for any gun related stuff .. lest you tell the guberment your arms inventory.

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