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Thread: Travelling from Texas

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    Travelling from Texas

    Hi. I am travelling from Texas to go see Yellowstone for the first time. Will be staying in Cody then moving on to Sturgis.

    I see that Wyoming is very accepting of open carry but is the practice generally accepted or can I expect to be harassed? Can I open carry inside the park itself? Anything I need to know before I do it?

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    I would NOT expect to be harassed. It is perfectly legal to carry inside the park itself - there are no additional regulations inside a National Park. It is against Federal laws for you to possess a firearm inside a building in which Federal employees (Park Rangers and other National Park Service employees) regularly perform their duties. Such buildings should be posted with a sign required by 18 USC 930. If you do not possess a Wyoming recognized permit, it is still illegal for you to conceal a firearm on your person, because "constitutional" concealed carry on applies to persons eligible for a Wyoming permit, and Wyoming does not issue permits to non residents.

    There is an almost never enforced Federal law that makes it illegal for you to possess a loaded firearm on public property within 1000' of the premises of a school, unless you possess a permit/license from the same state the school zone is located in (with a few other exceptions).
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