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Thread: Bit OT- Why is walmart hidding thier rifles?

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    Bit OT- Why is walmart hidding thier rifles?

    Hello guys, I am new to the gun world and bought my frist gun a RIA 1911. Now I want a rifle a Colt AR-15 walmart does sell them for what I have been told but everytime I go there the guns are locked away I spoke with a CS walmart emplyee and he told we the rifles are put out arounf 3 pm? I came back around 3:40pm and still no display! Oh well maybe there is something I am missing or..?

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    does sound strange. the Walmarts around here display their fire arms 24/7. they will let you handle them from 8am to 10pm. did you talk to the store manager?
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    I have no idea why that Wal-Mart does not keep the rifles in the display case during the day. Just guessing, but it might be because they want eyes-on supervision and do not staff the sporting goods department all day. A trip up front to find the manager when you are there ready to spend money sounds like it might be worth the effort. "Hi. I'm here to buy a rifle you have in stock, but it's not out in the didsplay case and there is no cashier (associate?) in sporting goods that can help me. Could you get someone to help me buy it?"

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    Or go to a gun shop where the higher price is usually way worth the actual help you receive during and after the sale.
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