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Thread: Emily MILLER: The American Gun Owner - A devoted father. The Washington Times

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    Emily MILLER: The American Gun Owner - A devoted father. The Washington Times

    "I got to know Mr. Ose, an aircraft certification inspector for a leading jet manufacturer, when he emailed me a couple years ago to tell me about his daughter. We have corresponded ever since, and he sent me photos of Zoe for my new book, “Emily Gets Her Gun.” The inside front and back covers are filled with photos of real Americans and their guns, which demonstrates the truth about those exercising their Second Amendment rights. This is the third in my new series called “The American Gun Owner.”
    I am responsible for my writing, not your understanding of it.

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    Zoe sounds a lot like Ambulance Driver's daughter KatyBeth.

    It's worth the time to go check out the brags about her.

    The concentration needed to excel with firearms, and the immediate feedback and immediate indications of success are great for kids of any age or ability - even kids who are double-digit-first-one-bigger-than-1 years old.

    stay safe.
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