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Thread: Open carry handgun lawsuit possible?

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    Open carry handgun lawsuit possible?

    I am just wondering, is there any cases that have been brought against Texas for their open carry handgun bans? I cant seem to find any. Yet I could swear that I read that there was one back in the 1800's. THanks. Jacob.

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    I personally don't believe any Texas court would hold that the CHL eligibility criteria, and the minimal fee requirement for issuance in order to practice habitual carry of a handgun is a transgression upon the RTKBA . The renewal class requirement will end Sept 1st, and veteran renewal fee reduced to $ 25.

    Looking at that open carry case pending in the State of Mississippi v Robert Schuler, et al - the same arguments made in the amicus brief submitted by Florida Carry and others seems to dovetail well with the Texas situation-since Article 1 Section 23 secures a "RIGHT" that SHALL BE HELD by every citizen in Texas- not a mere state granted privilege.
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