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Thread: S@W sheild 9mm

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    S@W sheild 9mm

    I was out with a client today giving him some instruction along with his new S@W shield 9mm He fired about 130 rounds and I put 5 through it. The ammo was 115 gr fmj.

    I liked the trigger and the sites were easy to see I had no trouble putting 5 rounds in one ragged hole at 5 yards. I only shot it to prove " it is not the gun". It felt good in the hand and pointed well.

    We worked on trigger control, sight picture, drawing and multiple target engagement.

    Over all the gun performed well.
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    Love my Shield!!! Carry it every day. CC of course here in Texas.
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    I really enjoy my M&P9mm and recently purchased a Shield for CC too. Certainly easier to CC.
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    I'm curious enough about how it compares with my Walther PPS that I might try to find one to rent. I know the S&W fans think it has the edge, and Walther fans believe the PPS does. I imagine both are fantastic weapons; I know the PPS is.

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