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Thread: Interesting OC weekend, east and west.

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    Interesting OC weekend, east and west.

    Finally decided to do it, and traded off my 2001 A6 Audi Quattro 2.7T for a Ford F150. Even though it is an upscale F150, an Audi it isn't. However, I needed the pickup, and as my wife cannot drive any more (health reasons) there was no reason to have both the Audi and the F150.

    Drove over to Snohomish and did the deed with Bickford Ford. Miss the Audi, but we really needed a new Pickup after I gave the 73 F250 to one of the grandsons. Bickford was a great place to deal with, everything done online except fill out the paperwork. Not one word about my carry. I'm sure someone had to notice, but not a word.

    Next thing we did was go to IHOP (by the Smoky Point Costco) with our youngest daughter and her family. Again, not a word. Sunday we went to our old church and after church several people wanted to talk guns and and where they went shooting the day before.

    After church we headed home and stopped at the Omak WalMart on the way. Just after pulling into a parking spot another guy pulls in and starts give me the high 5 and calling me brother... he was so happy to see another OC'r. Didn't tell me his name, but if he is on here...Howdy Pard. (he was from Falls City)
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