The current administration commissioned a scientific study to see if personal gun ownership resulted in unnecessary violence. No doubt, the current occupant of the White House was likely quite sure that the CDC study would support the mass disarming of the USA and its Citizens in preparation for the United Police Socialist States of Amerikastan - for our own protection of course. However, $10 million is a small price to pay for an administration-commissioned peer-reviewed study that basically backfired and scientifically examined the 2nd Amendment and found the founding fathers were right. Personal arms defend the law abiding from tyrant criminals and tyrant government. Now, we Citizens have a heavily peer-reviewed report published in the competent literature to back up what self-defense experts have said for years - personal ownership and carrying of guns saves American lives.

I recommend that all who are reading this register with NIH and get a free copy of the full report in PDF format. Since taxpayer dollars were used, the report is in the "public domain" as are all scholarly papers paid for with taxpayer dollars whether it be by CDC or NIH.


- Yellow Cat Out -