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Thread: Alaska's 'stand your ground' law to go into effect in September

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    Alaska's 'stand your ground' law to go into effect in September

    Despite the doom-crying by the NAACP, I predict the effect of this law will be...exactly zero...with one exception. A person who uses deadly force in self-defense won't be second-guessed in court as to whether he/she could have retreated. These things happen in a split second and an option that's apparent in the cold light of after-action analysis may not be apparent to a person whose life is in immediate danger. That's the real reason for this law. Reasonable people retreat if possible when threatened and unreasonable people do unreasonable things. No law will change that. This just relieves a reasonable person of legal risk from Monday morning quarterbacking.

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    This will be interesting when this law comes into play, considering the party against it. This can be a good law, but this can also be a bad one. Good is now people won't have to second or question if they're legally allowed to defend themselves with a firearm without thinking about the law bouncing back against them. On the other hand, it can cause unnecessary action for people who abuse this new law.
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