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Thread: Senate picks new head for BATF&E

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    Senate picks new head for BATF&E

    As expected, the Senate confirmed Byron Todd Jones as the new director on a 60-40 vote. Six (6) Republicans voted with all the Democrats for this anti-gun nightmare, including Illinois' "mentally challenged" stroke RINO, Kirk.

    To see how your senator voted, check here:

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    One vote.

    What I thought of first after reading who voted to confirm this nomination is why in God's name does Arizona keep electing John McCain to the United States' Senate?

    Can someone please tell me?

    And why did five (one is a D acting as an R so I don't acknowledge him) Republicans allow Reid to bully them into voting for this individual? If he would have changed the rules for a filibuster that just hurts the Democrats even more come mid-term elections.

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