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Thread: Emergency Trip to Florida. OC Advice

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    Emergency Trip to Florida. OC Advice

    I have to make an emergency trip to Florida to see some family with health issues. I do not have a permission slip and prefer to not make the trip unarmed. I know NC law, I believe SC you can not carry open, Georgia is OC friendly but not sure on FL. I tried scrolling through each states page, but honestly just to short on time to do any research. Any help is appreciated.Thank you.

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    SECTION 16-23-20. Unlawful carrying of handgun; exceptions.

    It is unlawful for anyone to carry about the person any handgun, whether concealed or not, except as follows, unless otherwise specifically prohibited by law:
    [ ... ]
    (9) a person in a vehicle if the handgun is: (a) secured in a closed glove compartment, closed console, closed trunk, or in a closed container secured by an integral fastener and transported in the luggage compartment of the vehicle; however, this item is not violated if the glove compartment, console, or trunk is opened in the presence of a law enforcement officer for the sole purpose of retrieving a driver's license, registration, or proof of insurance; or
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    Open carry in GA is not legal without a "carry permit". If you had a cc, then you could OC in GA since GA recognizes our cc permit. I may be wrong but that is what I have read and did a little research.

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    FL is generally no OC. There are exceptions for while you are on a fishing trip, and things like that, but in general, there is no OC in FL.
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