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Thread: Wild animal (skunk) problem.

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    Wild animal (skunk) problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by Superlite27 View Post
    I'd live trap it and take it somewhere and release it.
    I called the county animal control office, who referred me to the fish and wildlife department, to get advice on what to do with a skunk. In Oregon, at least, it is illegal to transport a wild animal without a permit. $250 for a permit isn't worth it. If I was going to spend that I'd just hire an exterminator to trap it. Secondly, they would rather that the skunk be humanely euthanized. Transporting it elsewhere only serves to make your problem someone else's problem. You could create a skunk overpopulation in an area where suitable natural predators may not exist. So, if you have a problem with killing a skunk, you'd better just learn to live with it or hire an exterminator service that has a relocation plan to a private, fenced in location. Good luck finding one of those.

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    Trap it and put onto one of those liberal "don't kill" folk's land. They'll feed it and house it and get skunked.

    Skunks = target practice !

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    Well, your situation certainly does stink.

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