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Thread: Classic show review, Twin Peaks, now on Netflix

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    Classic show review, Twin Peaks, now on Netflix

    She's dead... wrapped in... plaaastic

    And so begins Twin Peaks at that moment American television would never be the same. directors on the United States and Britain took notice, and many subsequent shows as varied as The Sopranos 24 and The X-files took elements and parts of Twin Peaks as an inspiration. Premiering in April of 1990 Twin Peaks quickly rose to the top of the ratings, and became ABC's most popular drama.

    Set in the Eponymous town in the Cascades of Washington state and filmed in North Bend, Snoqualmie, and Kitsap County, Washington. Twin Peaks explores a seemingly respectable town, when the Homecoming Queen Laura Palmer (Cheryl Lee) is found murder inside a wrapping of trashbags, the respectability vanishes and we learn more about the secret double lives of many of the townspeople. Sheriff Harry S Truman (Michael Ontkean) leads the initial investigation, until another girl, Ronette Pulanski walks badly injured off a railroad brige across the Canadian border into Twin Peaks. At this point the FBI is informed and Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) is dispatched to take lead in the investigation. Dale Cooper is a bit of a social outcast, he is obsessed with visions, dreams, and has an unhealthy interest in Tibetan philosophy, whereas Truman is a down-to-earth gruff lawman of the sleepy logging town, they hit it off almost immediately and become BFFs

    Needless to say the town is shooken apart at the murder of Laura Palmer, especially Laura's best friends Donna Hayward (Lara Flynn Boyle) and James Hurley (James Marshal) also upset is Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) who is the daughter of a powerful businessmen in the town who is also running brothels and drug operations in Canada north of the town.

    Laura's supposed boyfriend, Bobby Briggs (Dana Ashbrook) does not appear that distraught however and has been secretly having an affair with a woman named Shelly (Madchen Amick) who is the battered wife of an abusive violent drug runner named Leo in the town.

    The various characters tie in to the plot in ways that are very difficult to describe in a review, and it's best you watch the show yourself, but in a nutshell the show follows the investigation of the death day by day (with each 1 hour episode supposedly representing one day)

    But what's more interesting about Twin Peaks is not so much the plot, but the atmosphere. the Laura Palmer murder, while being a pivotal part of the show, is more of the background, and while the plot is certainly focused on the investigation, both the murder and investigation are used merely as a vehicle to expose the darker side of some of the characters. the show is also a palate of morphing from scene to scene, the show switches from serious to campy every few minutes, with some of the characters being serious, and others being complete dorks (like Deputy Andy, who acts like he has a third grade education, is constantly dropping his gun, even worse, he manages to get the sheriff's dispatcher pregnant, and she's about as slow as he is) The show also focuses on aspects of the supernatural, as one character says "we don't know what it is but something dark exists in those woods" and something dark there is, as the killer of Laura when finally revealed was possessed by a darker ulterior force.

    Twin Peaks only lasted 2 seasons, as people quickly lost interest after Laura's killer was revealed. Nonetheless TV had been changed forever. Twin Peaks exists as one of David Lynch's finer pieces of work. and in recent years the increased demand and popularity on netflix of the show has brought calls to bring back the show for a reunion cast. While the rural character of Washington has rapidly disapeared in recent years, it will live forever at that fictional town "5 miles south of the border and 12 miles west of the state line"

    For the obligatory "firearms" section for the gun forum edition of this review. Numerous firearms feature prominently, Sheriff Truman keeps lever action rifles militarized rapid fire assault weapons in his car and cabinet and carries a Colt Python, the deputies all carry Model 10s. Agent Cooper initially carries a model 629 before he is given a S&W 1076 (referred to as the FBI's new 10mm sidearm) Catherine Mitchell, one of the soft villians in the series packs a S&W Model 60 in her coat, and Shelly Johnson (Madchen Amick) buys a Walther PPK after being beaten around one too many times by her abusive husband.

    Now available on Netflix 5 stars out of 5. for the younger people who haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.
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    and this is why I dropped netflix about 1 yr ago --- no new GOOD programming ...

    sorry, never liked that show...

    I asked for Azumi II to be put onto netflix, never happened.

    hey, don't ask then .. pinheads, right?

    If you have not seen Azumi I ... you are missing an excellent movie - four thumbs up

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    Norther Exposure is/was a better show. My Favorite Martian as the Judge settled some weighty issues. Twin Peaks, 90210 of the Northwest.

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