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Thread: Better Government Association, Shining a Light on Government. 'Maul cop'

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    Better Government Association, Shining a Light on Government. 'Maul cop'

    Maul Cop - A Quad Cities police officer brutally beats department-store shoplifter without apparent provocation, and it's caught on video. But officer escapes criminal charges and keeps his job.
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    He (Chief) declined to specify the punishment or say if this was Crow's first offense.
    from link

    Well, what was his punishment? A foia request will show this.

    ya think he'll get battery charges? we know better than that.

    You get a new mayor (or get the current mayor to take action), he fires the chief.

    she can citizen arrest him or sue him/dept for $$$.

    when I was a kid, ya would get beat up and the cops let you go on your way ... now ya get both, sweet.

    how much would you give the woman in a civil suit? 3K?, 10K?, 50K? 1MM?

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