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Thread: Traveling from Oklahoma

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    Traveling from Oklahoma

    Just asking what the law for open carry/conceal carry in Missouri is and how they look at printing for in MIssouri

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    Open carry is legal in Missouri, but it is not pre-empted. Meaning every town, county, municipality can restrict open carry.

    Printing is a non issue in Missouri.

    Link to Revised Missouri Statutes:

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    Mo is good for CC. We recognize every states permits. Unless you plan to spend a significant amount of time in one small area, however, I have to recommend against OC at all. As Griz said, it's technically legal, but without statewide preemption (yet) any yea-hoo of a municipality can make their own laws, and they often don't update them anywhere except the official records. It's hard enough for people who live here to keep track of the damn laws, much less a traveler.

    Basically, CC is the way to go for the moment. Sorry man. Wheels are turning, but not yet.
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