Got this from her: Is Matt Gaetz friend or foe?

First, let me answer that question -- Rep. Matt Gaetz, HD-4 (R-Shailmar) is one of the strongest, most dedicated supporters of the Second Amendment, your right to keep and bear arms and your right of self-defense that we have ever had in the Florida Legislature.

Anyone who says otherwise is not being truthful. That's why I'm sending out this alert to you.

A guy named Dudley Brown in Colorado heads up an organization he calls the National Association for Gun Rights. What they really do is attack the NRA and Pro-Gun Legislators as a fundraising ploy. To my knowledge, DUDLEY BROWN has never even been in Tallahassee much less done anything here in Florida for you or gun rights.

They have no lobbyists here, no office, no presence. They just flood our state with nasty attack emails hoping people will fall for their deception and send them money to fight a nonexistent fight. Neither Brown nor his crew have a clue what is really going on in Florida.

He is now attacking Rep. Matt Gaetz by making a claim that is completely false.

Brown said: "Rep. Matt Gaetz admitted he might be willing to let the anti-gunners have their way!"

Folks, Matt Gaetz never said any such thing. That statement was made up out of thin air.

Dudley Brown doesn't want you to know what Matt Gaetz actually said in that news article. But here's the truth, Matt Gaetz said:

I dont support changing one damn comma of the stand your ground law, Gaetz said Friday. It would be reactionary and dangerous to make Floridians less safe to pacify uninformed protesters."

Just a simple email with THANK YOU in the subject line and Rep. Gaetz will know you appreciate his work and support of the Second Amendment. Do it now, please.


I sent a letter to Gaetz thanking him:

Dear Representative Gaetz,

The right to bear arms is a symbolic and practical exercise of basic human rights and most other nations (and some U.S. states) don't recognize this right. I understand you took some criticism over your support of HB 1355 and I also criticize you for your misinformed support of that bad bill. We should never have any laws that treat rights as privileges. If an adult cannot be trusted to have unlimited access to firearms, then that person should not be allowed in public without a custodian.

I encourage you to continue in your fight for our rights. As you know, despite media ignorance, Florida law governing guns in public is actually relatively restricted. For example, most states don't even require a permit to carry an unconcealed handgun out of respect for the right to bear arms. Florida essentially bans unconcealed carry. The pending court case Fl vs Norman seeks to rectify this infringement as the legislature has its head in the sand. In the meantime, or should the airtight Norman case be dismissed by dishonest judges, please do what you can to give us (at very least for CWF licensees) the option to open carry in this hot state.

Thank you